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The easiest way to use shoo!TAG™ for people is to put the tag with the magnetic strip facing the body around your neck in a sock or bra. shoo!TAGs can also be placed in your shirt pocket or the back pocket of your pants. For 24 hour protection, place the shoo!TAG™ under your sheet at night with the magnetic strip facing the body. For more ways to wear shoo!TAG™ please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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0Bug!Zone OUTDOOR - Tick, Chigger, Mosquito0Bug!Zone OUTDOOR - Tick, Chigger, MosquitoProtect yourself from Ticks, Chiggers and Mosquitos.
0Bug!Zone People Mosquito - Family pack0Bug!Zone People Mosquito - Family packProtect your family from mosquitoes
0Bug!Zone People Mosquito - Single0Bug!Zone People Mosquito - SingleProtect yourself from mosquitoes bites
0Bug!Zone People Tick - Family pack0Bug!Zone People Tick - Family packProtect your family from ticks
0Bug!Zone People Tick - Single0Bug!Zone People Tick - SingleProtect yourself from ticks
0Bug!Zone SPORT - Mosquito, Fly, No-See-Um0Bug!Zone SPORT - Mosquito, Fly, No-See-UmProtect yourself from mosquitoes, flies and no-see-ums.


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