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Pops Poppy Lynx wearing his shoo!TAGS

This is 11 year old reg QH named Pops Peppy Lynx, my partner in fun. Now you see 3 shoo!TAGS...

Pops Poppy Lynx

Now you don't!

Martha Nicholas from Buckley, WA posted on Facebook:

May 29, 2011 I just wanted to share how I am testing Shoo!tags out on my horse. Curly is allergic to midges/gnats/no seeums. And the last 2 summers he has had to have the vet come out because of hives and then welts. In fact because of last year's welts I couldn't ride in the big ACTHA's Guinness World Record Ride on June 13th. I feel the tags have been effective about 95% and well worth trying. I still spray him occasionally with fly spray, but old habits are hard to break. But then I do have alot of different brands on why not. I will post again in a month or so when the gnats are at their worst but I am very impressed with the Shoo!tags so far. Update June 13, 2011: So far I am very happy with the tags! And I feel we will make it through mid June and early July without the normal vet call because of Curly's reaction to the gnats.

Halloween 2009

Josie Bear & Ellie Bug say, "BOO" to fleas and ticks with shoo!TAG

Valentine's Day 2010

Josie Bear & Ellie Bug LOVE their shoo!TAGs

Joanne from Swisher, Iowa Says:

Josie Bear is the larger of the two girls.  She is 2 ½ and is a Cavachon.  Because she reacted so badly from the chemical flea and tick medicine, we were thrilled to find the shootags.   Her reaction to the medicine was a burning sensation that lasted 12-24 hours and cause her to be very fidgety.  We tried several as we live in rural wooded area.  We were so worried and searched on the internet until we found your website.

Ellie Bug is the smaller one and she is 2; also a Cavachon.  They are half sisters and the best of friends. They wear their tags proudly and we recommend to everyone we know that has pets.  Oddly, the vets and groomers are not that interested.  Well, they should be; we haven't seen a flea or a tick on them since they started wearing the tags almost 2 years now.


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