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0Bug!Zone  Horse Midge - Single
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Go "green" with  0Bug!Zone! Midge control is not a problem when you use the  0Bug!Zone for horses in place of toxic topical applications. This chemical free insect barrier is a revolutionary, non-toxic tag that uses electromagnetic frequencies to create a protective barrier from pests.

To put the  0Bug!Zone on your horse is easy. There are a variety of ways you can place the magnetic strip facing the body, including braiding the tags separately into the underside of the uppermost portion of the mane (nearest the poll). The package also comes with a ring you can use to attach one or more tags to a bridle or halter. Attach the tag(s) in whatever way feels convenient for you and will keep the tags from being prematurely scratched, bent or chewed. If you are using more than one tag, affix the tags so that both magnetic strips are exposed to the animal's body. The  0Bug!Zone must be worn at all times. In just 24-36 hours the barrier is complete.

Under normal wearing conditions this product will be effective for up to 4 months. If purchasing a double pack for a single animal; just keep the unused tags sealed in the original anti-static bag until needed. For more information on how to attach the tags, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

(Contains one midge tag)


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