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Enjoy the Outdoors Even More. Enjoy the Outdoors Even More. Chemical Free Insect Barrier Protects Animals Pets and People from Biting Insects.
Texas A&M Monitors Field StudyTexas A&M Monitors Field StudyMosquito Repellent Shows A 74% Reduction In Bites, Without Harmful Chemicals.

june 30, 2011

The fly tags work great...this is our second year using them. Our 26 year old pony gets an allergic reaction to the fly bites, with the shoo tag on her, we don’t notice any hives so I am ssuming there is a greater reduction in the amount of fly bites she is getting. Also thanks to the link for the Horse rescue, donating the mosquit tags is a great idea.
Valerie Gould

Connecticut Retailer

We are up and running now at I am ready to reorder more product. I have been using the product on my dog with great success. I also gave them to two other customers who are also pleased with the results. One has a Leonberger who regularly removes scores of ticks. In the two weeks he has been using the tags, he has seen only ten ticks.
Ken Sherbacow

Truro Heights, Nova Scotia

I had a successful summer last year. It was the healthiest time my 2 dogs were. Revolution from the Vet got so many side effects. I camp all summer long deep in the forest and my dogs lay in the grass. Their skin has improved 90% since I discontinued the chemicals from the VET. My dogs are now 13.6 and 12.6. I keep the tags wiped. I have told many people and pet stores about it. I hope you get your product to Canada. I am so glad I found you online.
Catherine Reddick

Kansas City, Kansas

I am a Sister of Charity and my dog Joey is a therapy dog for nursing homes and hospitals. These tags are the most terrific thing that has happened for him! In 6 months he has not had a flea or a tick and we live in an area where there are lots of deer. I used to be pulling ticks off him like crazy!
Sister Peg
Sisters of Charity Kansas City


(see Cat Flea product page for complete review) ...The lady had told me on the phone to start with clean animals. So I gave my dogs the Comfortis pill to kill the fleas and 30 minutes later they had no fleas. I have no such pills for the cat, so I just put the tags on her to see what would happen - and in 30 minutes the cat also had NO FLEAS!...I am so grateful there is a non-chemical solution for my pets. I hope that I never have to use those pills or any other poisons again. THANK YOU, Healing Touch Ventures and shoo!TAG for a great product!
Joada Metzger, Salina Oklahoma


We used our shoo!TAG™ down in Cozumel. My husband didn't get a single mosquito bite. I wasn't as good about having mine on all the time because most of my shorts had no pockets and the lanyard was a pain. However, I typically am covered in mosquito bites. I can count only 4, which is amazing!
Kandy Stahl, Nacadoches, TX


I really like your shoo!TAG™ and I really believe in them. I’ve been using them on my dogs for almost a year now. I don’t understand how they work, but I know they do! It’s a great product; one that I wouldn’t mind being affiliated with.
Terri Parrow Botsford, Virginia

College Station, TX - Haiti

My boss gave me a people mosquito tag because I was going to Haiti to visit a friend's orphanage. He heard Haiti is "Mosquito Central" and was concerned about malaria. I got just ONE bite in 9 days; I'm not even sure if it was a mosquito bite! Thank you, shoo!TAG™!
Laura, College Station, TX

Marble Falls, TX

One weekend my sister in-law’s dog was scratching non-stop, a couple of days later I stopped by and the dog didn’t scratch once during my 3 hour visit – she then told me about shoo!TAG™ …I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.
D. Horrigan, Marble Falls, TX

Ontario, Canada

What a difference the shoo!TAG™ has made in my dog's life! Within 24 hours of wearing the tag, I noticed my dog was not scratching. A few days later, to my shock and delight, I realized his shedding has decreased dramatically also!! This is incredible because he is a Chow and he normally sheds 24/7, twelve months a year!! What a difference in mere days! Great product! Thanks from both of us!
Annie in Ontario, Canada

Lucy loves shoo!TAG

Lucy's mom bought her first tags from Zinger Hardware in May 2009 and Lucy has worn them continuously. Here is Lucy at Bark in the Park July 2010. Lucy is grateful for shoo!TAG flea and tick solution!


I purchased shoo!TAG™ for my 4 dogs prior to heading 'up north' in Wisconsin. Springtime in Wisconsin is just bursting with wood ticks, with the occasional deer tick (carrier of Lyme's disease) thrown in just for fun. I was turkey hunting, and ended up with 7 ticks on me. I ran (not hunting just exercising)the dogs in both fields and forest, and only one dog, out of four, had 1 tick. I truly despise putting poison on the dogs to kill the ticks, so my first impression of shoo!TAG™ is very favorable. I'm thinking of trying shoo!TAG™ for keeping flies off the horses as well.
Nan Resch, Wisconsin

North Carolina

I LOVE IT!! It is working really well, I would say 90 to 95% of the flies are gone!!! I had the 3 mares outside the pasture letting them graze and noticed that there were flies all over the other 2 that did not have the shoo!TAG™, and none on my horse!
Toni Hofsheier, North Carolina

Cape Cod, MA

Just wanted to tell you, I am cautiously impressed! I live on Cape Cod-flea and tick city. Even Frontline and Advantage have to be applied every 3 weeks at minimum, which I really do not feel good about. I have had the shoo!TAG™ on for a little over a month. I have been so pleased for a natural product! We are in a heavily infested area, I religiously check my dogs with a flea comb every time they come in. So I have found a few Tics, but as your FAQS state they are obvious and easy to pick off, none were borrowed or attached. I'd say that is amazing since they have to bite for Frontline to be effective and for an all natural product it's the best I've used. My dog has serious flea allergies.
Marilyn and Laka, Cape Cod, MA

Houston, TX

I tried shoo!TAG™ for myself on a recent trip – I was there for 10 days and I only had one mosquito bite while I was in high mosquito areas. There was wind, but the other travelers were bit. I never even slept with the netting at night. I think it worked well!
I.F. Houston, TX

Torrence, CA

Hi there I love your product so far. I have used it for over 1 month now and only 1 flea on 4 pets in the height of flea season in Southern California! And the flea was easy to kill he was a little slow. I am so happy!! ....I want to continue with the shoo!TAG™ as it has worked so well. Thanks for the wonderful product.
Jane, Torrence, CA

Winston, FLA

Hi y'all. Yesterday, 28 hrs. ago, I bought and adhered the shoo!TAG™s to both my dogs and my horse, as purchased from Trained Dog Happy Dog in Morriston, FL. Even before the 36 hrs. has passed, I am seeing a distinct difference in the behaviors of the flies and gnats. I notice that both the goats and I reap the benefits of protection while inside my horse's energy field.
Sandra J. Koster proprietor of Santa Fe Sandy's, Winston, FL

Greensboro, NC

It has been one month since I put the flea and tick tags on my two dogs and to date, not a single flea or tick spotted!! I HATED using the topical chemicals and they had even stopped working. By this time of the summer, the dogs would usually be crawling with fleas. I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to have found your product. This is a miracle!! thank you thank you thank you!!
Jennifer Zimmet, Greensboro, NC

New Iberia, LA

We own A Doggie's Bag Boutique in New Iberia, Louisiana. We first saw shoo!TAG™s at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando this past Feb. In our area, the fleas and mosquitoes are HORRIBLE!!! This is an amazing product and totally deserves it's title as the Global Expo Product of the year! Our Jack Russel Rosie has put the product to the test! She loves to hunt frogs and stays in the fields of weeds. NO FLEAS! It's amazing and my four furry babies thank you. No more sleepless nights of scratching!
Kimber Landry, New Iberia, LA

Calabasas CA

I absolutely LOVE your (horse) products, it works 100 percent on my mini's, who weigh between 400-500 pounds.
Deb Richards, Calabasas, CA


I have been using shoo!TAG™ on my dogs for 4 months (April thru July). It is effective. We have not had to poison our yard or apply anything toxic to prevent fleas from attacking our dogs. I really appreciate the fact that we have been able to enjoy our pets and have not had to use toxic powders, sprays or applications to protect our pets. As a result, we don't have any fleas on our pets or in our house, therefore we are not being bitten either. Before shoo!TAG™ we had to poison our yard about every 6 weeks to prevent fleas and use toxic flea baths and apply toxins to our dogs to prevent infestation of fleas on our dogs and in our house. Even then it was a constant battle. Thank You shooTAG!

Leander, TX

I have 5 horses and have always had a bad fly problem. One horse is allergic to mosquito's... So I got 5 shoo!TAG™ to try, one for each horse. I kind of forgot about them for the first week, I really did not think they were going to work, so I ignored them... when my farrier came to shoe my horses a few days later, that is when I noticed how well the shoo!TAG™ really worked... My horses used to stomp at the flies while getting shoes, now they don't. I still have flies in my barn, but they stay away from my horses. Amazing! It is really nice to see how much happier my horses are now that I am using these shoo!TAG™. No more fly sprays, just these tags. They really do work...
Theresa Burger, Leander, TX

Sag Harbor, NY

Our customers want the shoo!TAG™ for people. We have not put chemicals on our dogs for three months and they have had no fleas or ticks.
Hannah, Harbor Pets, Sag Harbor, NY


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