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Shelters & Rescues Get PaGeid 3 Ways*

1)  Upon approval receive $200 value in free products for your shelter animals

2)  Get paid 15% of product sales

3)  Earn FREE products through a Buy One, Get One Free program (BOGO)

Program Details

1. You MUST have a PayPal account to accept payments from your shoo!TAGTM sales.  Creating a PayPal account is quick and easy.  Click here to create a PayPal Business Account

2. Once you have a PayPal account, two short application forms are required.  To get your 10 FREE TAGS, Fill out this application. On the last page, be sure to click the DONE button.  You will then be directed to a page with a red button that says JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM that looks like this: If you don't see this button, You can come back to this page and click the one below. 

  This button will take you to clixGalore where you sign up and select your marketing banner(s).  (You may also select text links to use throghout your site; text links are paid 10% of each sale.) 

3. Your website and banner(s) will be approved within 10 business days. Upon approval, clixGalore will send you the code for you to place the selected banner(s) on your website.  This code will identify your organization as the seller and ensures that you are paid accurately.

4. The shoo!TAGTM  manufacturer, Energetic Solutions, LLC will then send ten (10) free shoo!TAGs.  You will choose which tags in your application.  You can choose from: dog flea or tick, cat flea, horse fly or midge or tick, people mosquito.  Retail value of these tags is over $200!

5. In addition to the 15% commission you will receive based on your retail sales, you will also earn one free tag for every package sold through your unique url.  That makes this program a Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) program for your organization!  Unless otherwise instructed, HTV. will always send the same type of tags as directed in the original application.  Your free tags will be mailed out every time your unique url registers 10 packages sold. 

6. In addition to earning free tags you may also purchase more tags for your animals at wholesale prices.  (The BOGO is not included with wholesale purchases.)  We will email you our MSRP upon request. 


Payment Policies for Affiliates

  1. Shelters & Rescues must provide their 501(3)(c) information in their application.  

  2. Once your earnings have reached $50 in any one month period, clixGalore pays commissions into your PayPal account. Less than $50 in commission rolls over to the next month and will continue to roll over until the $50 minimum is reached. 

HTV reserves the right to change or cancel the terms of the Affiliate Link Program at any time.


Click this link to join our Affiliate Link Program

Sell our Chemical Free products!

Two short application forms are required, one to get your free tags, the other for clixGalore. 

Fill out our application form first.  When you click SUBMIT, a receipt page will appear.  At the bottom of that page, click DONE and you will be taken to the clixGalore banner to sign up with them.  If you have any questions about this process, please call us toll free at 877.200.3843  

* Get Paid a 4th Way

You can earn 50% comission by inventorying product and reselling shoo!TAGs at your location.  Please call 512.769.4345 for details.